Perform Transit

PerformTransit is a cloud based tracking system to track vehicles and provide a lot of information and notify users instantly

PerformTransit contains:

Real Time Automatic GPS Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring System

The System is simply the easiest way to track and monitor vehicles. All you have to do is plug the device into your car's on-board diagnostic (OBD) port, and you are ready to view real-time location updates from your Vehicle.

- Locations

- Routes

- Vehicle Setup

- Attachments Setup

- Transportation Contract

- Request Order

- Driver Petty Cash Request

- Waybill & Change Waybill

- Invoices


All the time Tracking                                           

- Vehicle Position, Direction,

- Speed, Date and Time

- Vehicle Status ON/OFF

- Odometer and Engine Hours

- Readings


Instant Notification

- Email

- Mobile



History Playback

- Total Stop / Moving Time

- Total Driven Mileage

- Draw Track on the Map

Vehicle data Readings

- Engine Coolant Temp.

- Fuel Level / Fuel Consumption


- DTC Error


Driver Behavior

- Engine ON/Off

- Harsh Turn (right/left)

- Harsh Braking,

- Harsh Acceleration

- Accident /Rollover

- Speeding

- GPS Signal Lost

- Engine Idle